The Odd World of Aioki Reika


Okay so this is my second day of going back to NBI in Grand Central Caloocan. My first day I just stand there and inquire about the process. And I am determine to go back on the next day.

September 22, 2011. Yosh! I arrived at exactly 5:45am the sun is already up. There are a lot of people falling in line in the closed mall of Grand Central.

I was surprise because I thought I might be earlier but I’m not >_<. I met random people as I fall in the lane, finally I got somebody to talk to. We came from different provinces and they are all saying that "This branch is the easiest way of getting the NBI Clearance". Well we waited and waited until the security guard is announcing that “Only 300 persons are allowed to get in, we have already reached our cut-off”.

So…300 but I am on the 600th of the lane. I am kind a having of second thoughts of turning back but I am so desperate to get this today. And I am willing to risk my One day of absence at work.

Some people left and some people stayed and there were new comers that joined the line.

Well It’s a good thing for us because we reached the front line. But then as I’ve reached the 3rd lane They said we aren’t allowed to go inside anymore. Our faces stumbled and we’re still going there no matter what! We’re going to take our chance. From that moment me and my random acquaintance friends called ourselves as “BAKA SAKALI TEAM

Then this new security guard show up and says “Okay we’re going to let you all in but only 50 will be chosen on the hot seat”.

10:00am the mall has opened and we run like a stampede. God! It’s like we’re on the race. Thank God I have acquaintance friends and they saved me on the line (I was too slow of running because I am wearing heels. -_-)

At these moment I’m the 12th of the lane. Thank God! we’re going in.

It takes us 1 hours of waiting until they called the 1st 10 batch to enter and then 15 minutes later it’s our turn.

Whew! Finally we made it! I filled-up a form and payed 115.00php to the cashier and get a receipt and wait till they encode my information after that, time to take our finger prints and photos then the releasing of the NBI Clearance.

And then finally at exactly 3:00pm I got my NBI Clearance. It’s been a very tiring day. Because I didn’t eat breakfast, lunch nor snack. But I am thanking those people I met on the lane for keeping ourselves accompany by having an interesting conversations. (I might say I made some FRIENDS ^_^) too bad I didn’t get their names or email address so that we could be friend in facebook.

Well maybe someday our path might cross and we’re going to meet again. Any way I met 10 acquaintance friends. Hehehe and I am interested to know them. It’s so nice to meet new friendly and kind people around =)

WATTA DAY! ^____^

Also I would like to take a few TIPS to those Filipino like me on how to get your NBI Clearance.

  • You better get there early as you can but don’t endanger yourself by going at 2am. Because you’re not that dumb to sleep on the streets. 5am will do.
  • Make sure to EAT HEAVY BREAKFAST (because you may not able to eat at lunch time).
  • Bring some biscuits and water just in case you get hungry and for dehydration.
  • Bring your own ball pen, because it may take you some time to review your form.
  • Don’t wear SANDOS (for male and female) because they are not allowing you to take photos on the NBI Clearance.
  • When  the guards are announcing that they have reached the cut-off don’t believe in them because they can allow to enter some EXTRA people. TRUST ME I’m one of those EXTRA PEOPLE. ^_~ Just be patient of waiting although it’s cut-off. (some people might leave and this is your chance to move on the lane).

That’s it! hehehe I hope my tips may help you ^_^

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